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Dpod is a design studio which brings you unique and affluent experience simply with textures and detail striking the ultimate balance between craftmanship and style which gives a brilliant sense of caprice.

Hand Crafted in limited Batches

Dpod-studio-brass-artwork-metal- handmade-chassed-beaten-crafting-patina

Tailor made by our artisan bringing designs to life, our work spans from luxurious villas to rustic farm houses.

Dpod-studio-brass-artwork-metal- handmade-chassed-beaten-crafting-patina-handle-door-surface
Dpod-studio-brass-copper-artwork-metal- handmad-aluminium-crafting-patina-surface


Built from the ground up, to suit your style and environment. Every door is unique.


Skins to refresh your existing doors. Apply them on surfaces, doors, wardrobes and more. 

Dpod-studio-texture-brass-artwork-metal-cladding-surface- handmade-chassed-beaten-crafting-patina

Bespoke Tables

Every single product is handcrafted by exceptional artisans which is simply essential 

Dining table.jpg

Have a design in mind?

Give us your ideas and vision and we will bring them to life !


Cozy chairs to bespoke tables, our work spans from luxurious villas to rustic farm houses. 


Commissioned Works

In collaboration with Architects and Designers to transform two-dimensional sketches into three-dimensional evidence of DPod Studio craftsmanship, bringing exceptional results in every project.

Art Work

Designed and Crafted meticulously in-house, each work is a masterpiece here. Made exclusively to adorn your interiors. The distinctive design of the art will blend into your space yet stand out for uniqueness in design and finish

Contact Us

Thank You! Our team will get in touch.

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