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Textures & Surfaces

Created by a culmination of series of experiments by employing various metallurgy techniques, we created a distinctive finish on each metal, uniquely bringing out one of a kind texture. Select from our various textures and skins to apply it on any furnishing and décor. The details of each surface are devoured of great complexity but yet simple in its appearance.  


Doors tell stories with our textures created with erosion of metal.


Designer Surfaces for your spaces and products, give your surfaces an artistic value.


clad your walls with our custom made texture tiles and vintage yet contemporary looking antique finish metal tiles.

Textures for Wardrobes

Refresh your wardrobes with exquisite textures and give them a new look

Textures for Table Tops

Metal your furnitures with our unique textures

Textures for everything

Select and apply skins for your spaces and products

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